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Helping One Another

Full-service Comprehensive Support Network for Gun Owners

Gun Ownership is Woke

Equity/Equality Guns are here to stay. They were invented long ago and are rather simple technology. The genie is out of the bottle, but that

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Fact: You may need a gun
Fact: You'll be glad for support

Finding yourself glad to be armed and prepared in and outside of your home, but knowing that threats exist to your freedom to carry a gun?  You could be the target of harassment, threats, investigation, and even prosecution just for owning or carrying a gun.

We want to end that feeling of doubt, not for an ongoing business or organization or career, but because it should be ended.  We want to live our lives free and safe, among fellow gun owners who live likewise.

Orchestrating Unity

The Gun Owners Defense Association (GODA) helps protect the individual gun owner against legal and other attacks. By strengthening the individual, all gun owners become stronger as a group. We help one another to preserve one of our most fundamental and important freedoms.

Help Available for Most

We prioritize our many resources for members, but we seek to help all responsible gun owners Whether it is providing funds, or creating and promoting fundraisers, we want to help everyone who asks. We know first-hand what it is like to need a gun and be in legal peril - so we know what to do.

Founders Shaun Kranish and Nella Muhima in Nashville, TN

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We treat your privacy and inboxes the same way we like ours treated. We never give or share your information with anyone or spam you with 3rd party junk, period.

Areas and Events we help with


Brandishing and firing a gun in responsible and reasonable self-defense.

Fund Raising And Awards

We award money when it is needed and as much as we can. We also setup and promote your fundraisers.

"Law" Violations

Local, state, and federal "laws" that infringe and chill the right to keep AND bear.


Police or other harassment of gun owners - usually by government employees.

Legal Strategy

Helping you find an attorney of your choice and helping your legal team strategize. Experience and expertise from around the country.

Gun Confiscation

"Red flag" and other wrongful gun confiscation. We replace weapons taken away so you can defend yourself.

Wrongful Arrest

Arrests of gun owners for exercising their rights to keep and bear arms.

Be a Part of the Latest in Gun Rights and Crowd Support

We are ending Gun Control

The Gun Owners Defense Association (GODA) has set out to end gun control and restore the full 2nd Amendment in the United States in the next 10 years.  The 2nd Amendment codifies the basic human right of self-defense and is supposed to prevent people from violating that right.  But it is just words - it can only defend us while we defend it.

Exercising the right to self-defense is beneficial and necessary for the safety of individuals and also minority groups.  Those who believe differently prefer well-armed paid government agents and criminals who can take advantage and hurt people.

GODA empowers the individual to exercise her or his basic right by being always ready to help.

Experience with arrest and prosecution

Co-Founded by Shaun Kranish, founder of and target of multiple political prosecutions in Illinois and Wisconsin. Successfully defended self against felony and multiple misdemeanor charges.

Experience with Racism and genocide

Co-Founded by Nella Muhima, born in the Congo and survivor of multiple attempts of being made an ethnic minority genocide victim. Understanding the need for civilians to be armed and prepared.

Experience with right to carry

Regular shooters and participants in gun rights including charity "open carry" events, range events, fundraisers, photo events, and giveaways. Dedicated to solving the gun control issue and moving onto other issues of freedom and safety.


Years in Gun Rights


Case Success


People Reached


Interest in Failure

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