Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely yes. Virtually all "gun control" laws in the US are a violation of the 2nd Amendment, especially federal "laws" which originated from the US Congress which has never been delegated police powers or powers to regulate arms. As long as you acted responsibly and reasonably, unconstitutional "gun laws" should not be acting upon you. We exist to help in these circumstances.

  1. Irresponsible, unsafe, or criminal activity for starters - we apply common-sense.
  2. The use of guns as part of a paid or overly selective position such as military, national guard, law-enforcement, and private security. Off-duty is fine - then you're like everyone else.  Reasonably-selective and unpaid volunteer security/militia service would probably be OK on a case-to-case basis.
  3. The use or carry of guns by individuals seeming to be or self-identifying as part of a political or other group acting boisterous or intimidating in public. Gun ownership and use should be exercised with the utmost care and peace.

Yes, actually we are. Federal gun control laws are all invalid for two reasons 1) Congress has never been given authority to regulate arms 2) Congress and the States have been expressly forbidden from infringing on the right to keep and bear arms.

Interstate Commerce does not give Congress carte blanche (absolute) power to regulate anything and everything that has or may cross a state boundary theoretically at some point. If this were the case, then every physical object would fall into their policy-making powers for absolute regulation.

GODA runs lean and efficient, and is mission-centered not profit-centered.  We want to keep the cost down and be powered by numbers, not large membership dues.

GODA, owned by 2 non-victim "minorities," seeks to continually increase social responsibility.  Here are a few examples:

  • GODA currently uses partial solar-power and intends to be 100% solar-powered. 
  • GODA recycles and reuses and limits waste as much as possible.
  • GODA uses natural and recycled products despite higher cost, to help protect the environment and encourage use and bring down cost of these important products.
  • GODA will always prefer and use USA-made or assembled whenever possible.
  • GODA is actively boycotting products from China as much as possible due to the communist party in China's current holocaust-style mass detention, torture, and murder and of the Uyghurs.

For supporting our work, members' requests take the highest priority.  We prioritize our time, people, money, and other resources for members who are active in their subscription at the time they encountered an incident.

A member simply needs to contact us by phone, chat, email, or the support system and identify themselves with name and other identifying information in the event that they request support.  We will automatically check on the members' status and handle the situation accordingly.

We love to help non-members and free members as well, and will continue to do so as much as possible.   Free subscription members may also take precedent over unregistered/unsubscribed members of the public.

Being a paying member promotes firearms rights, provides us resources to help people out, and puts you in the best place to receive as much help from us as possible.  Our highest calling is to help those who contribute to helping others.

GODA is not a fund. We reward members and non-members alike with money when they need it and when we are able. We also provide services such setting up and promoting fundraisers for individuals in need. GODA is not a non-profit or charity. Membership is not tax-deductible. Some fundraisers we setup are tax deductible as they go straight to those in need for living expenses.

GODA is NOT insurance or casualties. GODA does not take on or assume liability or guarantee anything. Insurance/casualties is a highly-regulated industry and is available for gun owners from other companies - contact a licensed insurance provider for your state. Insurance usually covers a small or narrow set of events. GODA is not confined by these regulations and restrictions.

A constitutionally-protected right cannot be turned into a privilege through an arbitrary fee and other arbitrary rules. Your state is violating the 2nd Amendment and your rights - chilling the free exercise of your rights.

We don't want to see anyone get arrested, charged, and prosecuted for exercising their rights. We would love to be able to help you if this tragedy and travesty should befall you.

GODA tracks and publishes all of the financial support it provides and helps provide.  GODA is incentivized to help, as this provides good member satisfaction, reviews, and promotion for gaining new members.  Refusing help to those deserving of it would very negatively impact the organization.

In the future we may collect reviews through a third-party system.  Our work is public and published, so reviews aren't as important.  But if you'd like to see an example of customer satisfaction, look at Co-Founder Shaun Kranish's business reviews here: reviews.  We will always strive to serve our members and the public in a way reflective of the importance of the human rights enshrined in the 2nd Amendment and the golden rule for the long term.

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We got tired of the right to keep and bear arms being a contentious issue, and most importantly a right that is attacked by tyrants.  We know this right is vital to the safety of humans all over the planet - it prevents war and genocide - it strengthens the innocent and equalizes the field for all.  It is a basic human right to use tools for personal protection.

Let's face it - this right has been in trouble globally.  Some great strides - such as the ongoing "constitution carry" campaign spreading across the US - have happened.  But many fallbacks as well.  We want to win this fight - once and for all - or at least for the next few hundred years.

We want to be able to go on with our lives and battle and win other causes.  This one has to be won first for security sake.  We want to be able to look our children in the faces and know we battled hard and sacrificed much for them and their children.  Those of us who get connected and help one another out at every opportunity - putting precious resources to the best use possible will be looked at by our children as fighters and responsible, free people.  It is an example that must be set.  There is some risk and sacrifice, but that goes with all worthwhile things.

GODA is more about action and less about talk.  It's great to use the 1st Amendment to support the 2nd Amendment.  It's far better to use the 2nd Amendment to ensure the 2nd Amendment prevails and is restored.  A right unexercised is a right forfeit.

Open and concealed carry of pistols, and even the carry of long guns are important rights that must be constantly exercised and vehemently and jealously guarded.  When those rights are attacked, the individual being persecuted must be helped.  We exist to do this, and strengthen all gun owners by standing up for each and every one who needs help.

Helping individual gun owners in need, and encouraging and promoting the actual exercise of rights as much as possible is turning the tide and restoring freedom.  We admire and appreciate all of the effective lobbyists and activists and volunteers out there and the various groups fighting for our shared, noble cause.  We encourage everyone to join and participate with other groups (some groups are better than others - do your research).  But join us first and make the biggest impact possible.