Nella Muhima, Co-Founder, Gun Owners Defense Association

Shima "Nella" Muhima was born in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It turned out to be a violent and dangerous area in the world, culminating in the ethnic cleansing of Nella's Tutsi.  Approximately 1 million people were slaughtered in a few months time.  The majority of these people were probably killed with blunt objects and machetes, while some were killed with guns and some burned.

Nella narrowly escaped with her life after being imprisoned (kidnapped) in a school building for days.  Much of her life was spent indoors, as venturing outside was considerably dangerous for people who look like her and are identified as a member of her tribe.  The worst experience was when she lost family members and friends while living at a refugee camp.  The camp was attacked at night.  Tents were taken down and burned.  Guns were used to indiscriminately massacre the refugees at the camp.

Nella again escaped with her life, this time due to running and not stopping.  But many were lost that day, including family members.  To this day it is difficult for Nella to speak about, but she hopes that people will learn from these events - learn to love and talk and work out issues and learn to be prepared to defend oneself and one another.