Mission: To fully restore the 2nd Amendment nationwide in the 2020s, so gun ownership and carry is commonplace and actually no longer infringed.

We help individual gun owners across the country when they face the tyranny of gun control.  Individual safety and liberty depend on the right to keep and bear arms being free from infringement.  Through solidarity and crowdsourcing, we will make the constant fight for this basic human right a thing of the past for many years to come.

Nella Muhima

All the way from the Congo, Nella Muhima is a surviving Tutsi (Banyamulenge) during the Rwanda genocide which spread to the surrounding areas shortly after. Through grace alone Nella survived, witnessing with her own eyes the senseless slaughter of innocents simply because of their ethnicity/tribe. Nella was once kidnapped as a child, narrowly escaping murder, lived in multiple warzones, and survived the Gatumba massacre losing friends and family to bloodthirsty identity politics.

The warzone Nella Muhima grew up in meant being at risk for her life each time venturing outside of the house. Nella has a unique perspective on the right to keep and bear arms, being a hunted human of a minority group. In Africa, it was popular to express anger and frustration with the machete. In America, our right to keep and bear arms has served well to prevent such atrocities.

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Shaun Kranish

Born in northern Illinois, Shaun discovered at the young age of 18 that some animals are more equal than others. Illinois was virtually the only state that completely infringed upon the right to bear loaded arms. Shaun founded ICarry.org and began to promote the right to carry and "shall-issue" concealed carry laws.

In an attempt to chill freedom and stop Shaun Kranish and countless gun owners from exercising their rights, Shaun was first arrested for wearing an empty holster. Later, Shaun was arrested for lawfully carrying an unloaded firearm enclosed in a fully-enclosed holster. The "authorities" lied to the grand jury saying the pistol was loaded, trampered with evidence, and got Shaun indicted on felony charges. He had to fight in the legal system for over 4 years, facing up to 3 years in prison if unsuccessful.

Through having lived it, Shaun Kranish understands the sacrifice and cost of defending liberty. Success came with legal representation, support from gun owners around the world, and perseverance and determination to stand up for the individual, equal right of all to bear arms.

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Social responsibility

The Gun Owners Defense Association actively practices social responsibility in specific ways:

The natural environment is vitally important to all of us.  We share 1 planet together, and must care for it continuously.  Here are some examples of things we do now, things we will do in the future, and things we encourage others to do:

  1. Solar power - rely on solar power as much as possible.  We currently use partial solar power but plan to be 100% powered by solar.
  2. Use recycled products when possible and when beneficial for the environment.
  3. Use "green" natural products for cleaning.
  4. Buy local
  5. Consume organic food - GODA founders favor organic food.
  6. Use energy-reducing technologies such as heat pumps and heat recovery when possible and done safely.
  7. Limit waste by purchasing smartly.
  8. Reuse when possible (boxes, etc).
  9. Help improve electrical grid power quality

We at GODA spend much time talking and finding ways to be part of the solution.  We are very hopeful for the future.  The USA is the most diverse country - a collection of people from all areas on the planet.  No other country comes close, and Americans get along extremely well despite the vast differences in cultures and traditions, looks and appearances, languages, religions, and all other wonderful differences among the People.  GODA founders believe in colorblind law and paperwork - no one should be asked "what" they are by governments or other institutions, except for perhaps doctors to provide more effective medical care.  Government and truly responsible organizations should not ask about nor treat individuals differently based on their heritage/descent or how they look.

It is a sad reality that some countries - at this present moment - use hateful words and violence (often government-perpetrated violence) against people based on perceived differences.  GODA rejects the idea that the USA is particularly racist.  Co-founder Nella Muhima experienced real racism in Africa, including witnessing the slaughter of unarmed refugees (she was one of the intended victims).  While Nella has dark African skin and lives in the US, she has not personally experienced anything she considers racist here in the states in her over 12 year time here.

GODA believes in freedom - doing what you want without violating the rights of others.  We believe in equality of opportunity (not outcome).  All humans have the same rights and should be treated with love, patience, and dignity.  We believe even just the idea of "race" is outdated and antiquated - people have migrated and intermixed almost everywhere and can't and shouldn't be labeled.  Who cares what people look like - we don't.  We just care about freedom.  We hope people will continue healing and acknowledge how much improvement there has actually been.  Co-founder Shaun Kranish grew up in Northern Illinois and "race" wasn't a thing.  We hope that people will stop talking about color and talk about things that actually matter - such as the environment and children and health, etc.  America is truly a blessed and advanced place.

GODA has a stance on China - they are actively involved in a holocaust-like torture and murder campaign against the Uyghurs (also spelled Uighur, Uygur or Uigur) - an ethnic group that mostly identifies as of the Muslim religion.  The evidence damning the chinese communist party of these heinous crimes black-back disappearance of humans, internment, rape, torture, and more is undeniable.  We are witnessing today the type of infamous, sick desperation associated with Nazi Germany death camps and the Soviet Union gulag system.  The least we can do is tell it like it is.

As such, GODA seeks to reduce the purchase and use of Chinese goods.  We also want to keep finding ways to raise awareness of this ongoing "ethnic cleansing" and genocide perpetrated by the communist leaders of China.  China is a great country with a great people, but is committing an equally great crime right now.  We hope that global pressure will increase, and the People of China will rise to the occasion to stop this massacre.