Gun Ownership is Woke


Guns are here to stay. They were invented long ago and are rather simple technology. The genie is out of the bottle, but that is probably a good thing.

Before guns, defensive weapons required much more practice and skill. Paid soldiers (think police) had the advantage over people with regular jobs trying to survive. The use of these weapons also depended greatly on the physical strength of those wielding them. Therefore women, children, and those with physical disabilities or otherwise limitations were at a disadvantage. Modern firearms, especially pistols, have equalized the battlefield so much. Equity? Pistols.

Our lives are not worth more than a cop's (privilege/entitlement)

Cops are people.  They are human and flawed, have bad days, and make mistakes.  They also rise to occasions and do truly heroic and selfless acts to help complete strangers.  Originally in this country, there were not police.  Modern police forces would be regarded by many of the founders of our form of limited-power government as standing armies.  These were viewed as the opposite of freedom.  So actually "disband the police" might be popular with some or many of the founders.

One thing we can all agree on is that we don't want police becoming too tyrannical.  This is obviously a problem for those who advocate forceful disarmament of the People - aka gun control.  How wise would it be to disarm all the good guys (those willing to give up their guns) and leave all the guns for criminals (who didn't) and police (who won't)?  We saw the result in police-free zones - other people took to law-making and law-enforcing and used guns.  It didn't turn out pretty at all.

Lastly, it isn't ethical to expect someone else to risk their lives for us.  Police have family, dreams, fears, and everything else that comes with being human.  They have a right to live as much as anyone else.  How could we feel the entitlement to think they must put themselves at risk for us?  How could we expect them to use weapons (batons, spray, tasers, guns) to bail us out, while we aren't willing to touch or use a single weapon to help ourselves (let alone them or others)?  That is entitlement and privilege like nothing else.

Selective gun ownership is the tool of oppressors and oppression

Equality and equity demand a fair chance for everyone.  Modern firearms, as pointed out in the beginning of this article, have a grea equalizing effect.  Guns aren't racist or subconsciously biased in any way.  They don't care what you look like or how you identify.  But put them in the hands of a select group of paid (usually men by the way) soldier-like people, and problems arise.  Whoever signs those paychecks has the biggest influence on how those guns are used.

Indeed armies do have advanced weapons such as bombs.  But these weapons can only annihilate enemies.  And this comes at a cost - it is often (not often enough) frowned-upon for blowing people up, just as it is frowned-upon (also not as much as it should be) for shooting unarmed people.  It is harder to enslave people with bombs, but easier to do so with guns (when the would-be slaves don't have them).

Fascists like you-know-who in Germany love gun control.  They always seek to control arms and arm their armies, police, and friends while disarming everyone else - especially those (like the Jews) they seek to persecute.  Fascists never seek to make it easier for everyone to own and carry guns.

The KKK loved gun control too.  They were very disappointed when the Deacons for Defense (armed blacks) shot back.  Gun control started in the US to oppress slaves, with some of the first laws prohibiting ownership and carry, and some going as far as to "authorize" (have to quote that one since it's a violation of natural law) people to shoot blacks seen with guns on sight.  When the civil rights movement of the 60s was in high gear, more gun control was passed in an attempt to disarm people of African descent.

Pro-choice for all

While it may be more convenient and easier to decide to be unarmed, that too comes at a cost.  You must choose to be more passive and rely on things such as speech and movement to avoid oppression.   If you choose to advocate for your neighbor to be disarmed, then you make them vulnerable to being oppressed.  You increase their chances at becoming oppressed.  There is no natural law compelling us to fight or use weapons - that is a personal choice.  It may not be the choice for you.  But we should all promote and defend the freedom of one another to make that personal choice coming from our own lived-experiences.  We mustn't let oppressors manipulate us into disarming the public, or let someone well-meaning do the job and set the stage for an oppressor.

Yes, firearms are accompanied by tragedies like negligent handling and suicides.  These can be reduced with education for all and compassion for those in crisis.  As seen in great genocides and "cleansing" around the world killing over 200 million in just 100 years (this is happening at this present moment, too), oppression takes far more  lives than the small number of unfortunate tragedies that we can work on.

Black lives matter - keep them armed.

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